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The fundamental goal of the Institute is to provide scientific grounds for development of crop production as well as supply methods to prevent agricultural ecosystems. The Institute is involved in scientific, research-development, implementation and extension activities that cover:

  • prevention of agricultural ecosystems and utilisation of natural habitats by crops,
  • soil science with regard to evaluation and classification of agricultural production space, recording of changes taking place in the environment, modelling of soil fertility and productivity,
  • crop production regionalisation considering soil-climatic factors,
  • crop production technologies with the stress being put on formation of variant solutions adjusted to natural, economic, and technical-organisation conditions, and farm products quality,
  • economic and organisation effectiveness of field production,
  • breeding and production technologies of special industrial crops (hops, tobacco),
  • land organisation, especially for hilly regions,
  • new and effective methods and systems to implement innovations into crop production.


The Institute as an agricultural research-development centre renders a wide range of consultative and advisory services:

  • training of agricultural specialists,
  • extension of innovations,
  • preparation of analyses, syntheses and expertise for agricultural producers, regional and central authorities,
  • national and international exchange of researchers, publications,
  • creation of internal and national scientific-technical information system,
  • co-operation with food industry enterprises and those producing means for agricultural production,
  • standarisation and inventiveness.


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