Conferences, Workshops, Trainings - Planned Print
Time schedule for the workshops, conferences, trainings and open days within the PROFICIENCY project.
IUNG-PIB, Puławy, Poland

Year Date Title Department(Main organizer)
2010 April, 16 Training "New perspectives and challenges for agricultural science to join European Framework Programs" Biochemistry and Crop Quality

April, 28-30

Workshop "New challenges for agrochemical service in the Central-Eastern Europe under global warming climatic stress" Plant Nutrition and Fertilization
2010 June, 9-10 National Workshop "Future trends in the agricultural land use as affected by climatic changes" Extension and Information
2010 May, 24-28 Open days 2010 in the IUNG  Extension and Information
2010 October, 4-8 International Meeting of the ISO Technical Committee 180 "Soil Quality" Soil Science and Land Protection
2010 September,18 - 24 Open day for scientists and students – Participation in the Lublin Festival of Science Extension and Information
2011 March, 23 Workshop "Plant diseases and pests appearing in Poland as a result of climatic change and methods of their elimination" Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
2011 May, 23-27 Open days 2011 in the IUNG  Extension and Information
2011 June ,13-16   International Conference “Protection of agricultural soils against joint stress of natural and anthropogenic factors”   Soil Science and Land Protection
 2011 June, 28-29 Training "Breeding, cultivation and use of spelt wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp spelta) under the climate change" Cereal Crop Production


Workshop "Optimal land use for bioenergy production without jeopardy of food self-sufficiency and food security"  Agrometeorology and Applied Informatics
2012 April, 26-27 Workshop "Climate change and biodiversity on agricultural land"  Systems and Economic of Plant Production
2012 May, 22-23 Training "Technology of grain and fodder crop production and their quality and safety under climate change"  Cereal Crop Production & Forage Crop Production
2012 June, 21 Workshop "Plant patogens as a problem for agriculture and processing; biological methods of identification and prediction of hazards"  Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
2012 June, 22 Workshop "Dispersing nutrients from agriculture into environment"   Plant Nutrition and Fertilization


Conference "Mitigation of the effect of climatic changes on agriculture land production potential"   Systems and Economic of Plant Production
2013 April, 09 National Workshop „Quality and safety of plant food production in the aspect of  agricultural soil protection Soil Science and Land Protection + PhD studies Programme


April, 11-12

III National Workshop on Ecotoxicology " The utilization of bioindication systems to evaluate the toxicity of the environment and chemical substances " Department of Soil Science, Erosion and Land Protection in cooperation with the Tigret company, Medical University of Gdańsk and European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO
2013 May, 12-15 National Conference „Microorganisms - plant – environment under changing climate Agricultural Microbiology
2013 June, 18-19 National Conference „The role of science and advisory services in support of  innovation of Polish agriculture”  Extension and Information
2013 September, 4-6 National Conference „Bioactive Plant Compounds - Structural and Applicative Aspects Biochemistry and Crop Quality
2013 October, 16-18 International Conference „Protection of soil functions – challenges for the future”  Soil Science and Land Protection
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